At Octagon Labs, we design and build web and mobile app for every business needs with a strong focus on UI/UX and high quality codes for future scalability.
We are based in Singapore serving both local and global clients.


Since 2012, we have provided a helping hand to businesses and start-ups globally for their web and app development needs.

No Tasks Too Small or Too Big

No projects are too simple or too complicated for us. Whether it’s some blockchain, cutting edge AI project or just a one page WordPress website, we got you covered. Let us collaborate to fulfill your objectives of the web or app.


We will communicate with you on your project requirements before a price quotation can be made. Once agreeable, we will formalise the working relationship with a contract and an upfront payment of 50% of the project costs. Each project comes with a 1 month warranty for bug free support after handover. Optional retainer package can be purchased to maintain and upgrade your platform as your business evolves.


Why will I want to hire you to develop my web when I can DIY on SaaS platforms like WIX or Shopify?

SaaS platforms lacks customization options and there are fees for using premium widgets and plugins. A typical full-fledged e-commerce platform on SaaS platform can cost up to S$2,000 for subscription fees in 2 years and you do not fully own the web assets, you are merely renting it. It’s also difficult to perform SEO on such sites and transfer your assets to a new domain when you decide to develop one yourself so it’s better to start on a right footing.

Why do I need a website for my small business when I am already on social media?

A website will complement your social media platforms perfectly. There are things you can do on websites which can’t be done on social media such as booking and purchasing. And to stay professional and project an authentic business image, a website is still highly recommended.

What kind of after sales support do you provide?

After handing over the platform to you, there will be a bug free warranty for 3 months for websites, 1 month for mobile apps and web apps. You can take up our optional maintenance package for a fee for us to enhance and maintain your platform as most platforms require iterations and enhancement over time.

I have an innovative idea for my start-up. Can u sign a NDA?

Certainly, we are happy to sign any NDA requirements you have.

Are there any hidden charges in your quotations you provide to me?

We will advise you which are the items included clearly in our quotation and which are the ones you have to bear. We will assist you to set up with any external systems billings if required. (eg, Cloud servers, premium plugins etc). All these costs are not billed by us.

I am not satisfied with my existing or previous developer works, can I engage you to continue?

Of course, we will need to check on the existing platform and assets before we can continue. Sometimes, it may be cheaper to re-do the platform from scratch due to old or incompatible frameworks used previously.

I need professional photographs, videos and copywriting for my website or app, do you provide such services?

We will have to work with our partners to provides media services. Alternatively, you can purchased licensed stock photos from us for your platform as well.

How will the whole development phase be like and what is required from me?

We will provide a weekly update on your platform progress via email or conference call. Alternatively, you can also call or text us anytime to enquire on the progress. We strongly advocate communications during the progress to ensure there is no misunderstanding on the product requirements.

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